Sustainable Values are a standard for us...


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PERL B items are always produced with luxuries, noble natural materials such as linen, leather, wool and cotton.
At PERL B, we've chosen to work with these materials because of their specific characteristics.
PERL B has chosen to use mostly linen, as it grows everywhere and doesn't need a lot of water to grow.
Our supliers are always European, either from France, Finland or Lithuania. These high quality linens are all produced in the European Union.
We have selected to work with these factories not only for the quality but also to reduce the transport CO2 emissions - to make as little kilometers as possible!
For PERL B's capsule collections, we often work with "end of series" fabrics from European high end brands, in order to avoid them throwing away their "end of stock"  and rather use the end of the line of beautiful production.

  PERL B has chosen also to work with exclusive and luxurious reindeer leather.

Reindeer herding is based on traditional knowledge and skill. The reindeer herder’s profession involves adapting to the environment and a rhythm of life in harmony with the seasons, weather and nature. 
Reindeers live freely in the Lappish nature and are gathered only twice a year.
Only citizens, living in the region, may own a reindeer husbandry. 
To breed these beautiful animals is a lifestyle choice and a true act of respecting the animal and the nature.
Reindeer leather has been chosen also because it ages well and has a soft touch, as well as the quality of being very resistant.
Reindeer leather is the most eco-friendly leather produced on earth.
All the other leather used in the production comes from French and in few cases from Italian tanneries. We always verify the origin of the leather and work with family owned small houses.
Aiming to be as eco-friendly as possible, PERL B re-uses received carboardboxes and wraps the products rather in silk paper than in plastic.
The creation, production and prototyping are done in Marseille within 3kms.